Month: August 2014

Happy birthday VW Golf — a legend

VOLKSWAGEN’S Golf has past a landmark birthday — its 40th!

It merits a celebration. Global sales exceed 30-million. Now in its seventh generation, it is currently Europe’s best selling car of any make, and easily the most popular VW model sold in the UK, well ahead of the Polo and occupying a comfortable fifth place in this country’s top 10, finding a cool 65,000 customers a year.

Peugeot 308 Feline THP 156 roadtest review

PEUGEOT are leading the way in a quiet revolution of interior design for their automobiles.
It started with the 208, and has now been introduced in the company’s new 308 model range. I am a fan, but there are more than a few dissenting voices – so what is all the fuss about?
The crux of the matter is the size of the steering wheel and the position of the instrument binnacle. The French carmaker has moved the instrument binnacle to the top of the dashboard so it sits higher, in the driver’s eyeline, a boon for safety, as you don’t have to take your eyes off the road for so long to check your instruments.

Vango Stelvio 200 tent is perfect for touring on a motorcycle

TOURING on a motorcycle raises a fairly unique set of challenges – especially, if like me, you’re not very good at travelling light!
With only three boxes and a back seat however, it does tend to focus your mind on what is actually essential for a long weekend away, and the Suzuki luggage set on my V-Strom is surprisingly capacious if you pack carefully and use every last bit of space.

Skoda Rapid Spaceback SE 1.6 TDI 90PS DSG road test review

SOME say Space is the final frontier, but for Skoda – well, it’s just another day in the office!
This week’s test car is the estate version of the Skoda Rapid, and as well as lots of space and practical storage solutions, it is available with a host of optional extras to complement an active lifestyle.
Glance through the brochure and you are really spoilt for choice, with various storage nets, roof bars, bags, bumper protectors, rubber mats, and even a large protective rear seat cover to stop Fido getting hair all over your nice smart seats!