Month: October 2014

Renault Captur MediaNav dCi 90 Auto EDC eco2 review road test report

ONE of Renault’s dynamic new models will certainly Captur your imagination, but if you watch the TV advertising campaign, you might think it’s a bit “fishy”.
Quite what relevance a blue fish leaping out of its bowl and chasing the car to the seaside has escapes me, but regardless of that, the car itself is actually quite good – and despite a large glass area, you don’t feel as though you’re sitting in a gold fish bowl!

Mazda3 2.2D 150PS Fastback Sport Nav+ review, road test report

THE new Mazda3 is excellent – it’s as simple as that. I said so when I attended the launch in Scotland and I still say so now, having spent a week at the helm of the Fastback model, or saloon to you and me. The Kodo design of the new Mazda3, which means Soul of Motion, follows the lead set by the Mazda6 and CX-5, which is proving very popular with customers. The concept works well in the Mazda3 too, giving the car considerable road presence and stand-out appeal. It looks good from all angles.