Mitsubishi ASX 2.2 DiD4 4WD Auto road test report review

WHAT IS so puzzling about the Mitsubishi ASX is why it hasn’t been more popular in the UK. Curiously, and without referring to statistics, its presence seemed more obvious on roads on the other side of the Channel, where a Breton neighbour had one and which, coincidentally, sported the same dashing white livery as the test car!

MINI Cooper 1.5 Auto 5-door road test report review

THE Mini has always been a car big on style and desirability but, well, mini on practicality, even the bigger BMW produced, latter day versions of the model. That has now changed, slightly, with the hatchback, particularly the five-door version. It is bigger, longer by 72mm and has more boot space, up by 67 litres and, together with the three door version, is the model’s first foray into the hatchback market.

Lexus NX 300h Premier Auto road test report review

AS regular readers will know, this is the second of our recent test cars to arrive sporting a Big Red Nose – and it’s all to mark Toyota’s sponsorship of this year’s Red Nose Day.
The Comic Relief charity smashed through the £1-billion landmark on Friday night – surely a fitting way to mark its 30th anniversary of raising money to help good causes across the world. Lexus NX buyers however, won’t be in need of charitable support, with prices for this most striking of cars starting from just under £30,000.