Mercedes Unimogs ideal when going gets tough!

Mercedes-Benz Unimog
Mercedes-Benz Unimogs are amazing vehicles which can go just about anywhere and do just about anything!

My second drive of the Mercedes “Big Stuff” day took me into even more challenging terrain, but it was no match for the amazing Mercedes-Benz Unimogs which seem to be just about unstoppable.

No matter how deep the ruts (some were at least 2ft), or how deep the water, this utility vehicle tackled the lot without breaking into a sweat.

Even when it plunged into a water-filled hole so steep I felt I was about to fall through the windscreen, the Unimog just climbed out of the bottom and up the other side.

They are incredible vehicles which have developed a cult following among enthusiasts and are loved by utility companies and armies the world over because of the sheer variety of tasks they can be put to, whether its cutting trees, clearing snow with a plough or a snow blower, or even pulling trains! Yes really – a Unimog can pull up to a 1,000 tonnes and travel on railway lines, with a few minor modifications.

It has a 286bhp engine, 1100Nm Torque and a wading depth of 1.2 metres. It is limited to 56mph in the UK, but they are capable of travelling at up to 70mph without their restrictions.

The driver can even inflate or deflate the tyres from the cab thanks to its central tyre inflation (CTI) system to suit the terrain it is working on and even slide the steering wheel from once side of the cab to the other!

Unimogs cost from around £80,000, but with some well-chosen extras, that starting price can almost double!

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