Everything a Fiesta can do – for half the price!

Simplicity is key with Chevrolet’s Kalos from 2006, so it should be a good used buy. Here’s the Used Car Expert Buyers Guide

The Chevrolet Kalos is an affordable alternative to a Fiesta or Corsa.

Why consider a CHEVROLET KALOS?

If you want a straight forward car to pootle about in, or do short school runs, then the Chevrolet Kalos shouldn’t be overlooked. It is a simple General Motors car (read Vauxhall) which means you can get it serviced almost anywhere.

The Kalos may not look as good or feel quite so nicely made as a Ford Fiesta but the fact is it can do anything the Fiesta can. And it costs – if you look at two and three year old models – half the price. As it gets older, it gets cheaper too.

Plain and simple, the interior is functional rather than luxurious.


If you are a student, or have a really serious speed phobia then by all means buy the smaller 1.2 petrol engine. But the 1.4 petrol engine is almost the same price and delivers almost the same MPG. But it is more refined, you see.

You need to go for five doors because it is much more flexible and as with any small car, the back is a tight squeeze so having rear door access makes the difference. With five doors you will give lifts more often, underlining the need for the 1.4 petrol engine.

What price to pay for a CHEVROLET KALOS?

Three year old cars start at £3,800 – assuming you are looking at the pick of the bunch, five door 1.4 petrols –  but you are not being ripped off if you pay £4,800, or even £5,000 for a car in perfect condition with a 12 month MoT.

Lesser car price guides tell you that cars average 10,000 miles a year. That’s not true, it varies car to car and engine to engine. Check the Used Car Expert price guide for more detail, but know that a three year old Kalos should be under 20,000 miles.

What faults do I need to check before buying?

Here is one of the faults UsedCarExpert.co.uk recommends checking for before buying:

As you drive the car over rough surfaces or bumps (eg speed bumps) listen for a squeaking noise coming from the suspension.

A squeaking noise from the suspension usually indicates that the front suspension bushes need rubber grease applying to them.

Negotiate a £50 discount or have the repair completed.

For a full report of common faults on the CHEVROLET KALOS, visit www.usedcarexpert.co.uk

With five doors, the Kalos is a practical choice for families.

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