A second-hand Mondeo is a fairly safe bet

The dominant Mondeo delivers on every level, but what’s it like as a second-hand proposition. Here’s the Used Car Expert Buyers Guide

Latest Mondeo is a big car with lots of road presence, that is also good to drive.

Why consider the Ford Mondeo from 2007 onwards?

The Mondeo has lent it’s name to this class, so total is its dominance. But the latest version is no longer ‘average’. It is a very well rounded that delivers on every level  – refinement, practicality, running costs, performance – and with some style.

There are vast numbers in the market, which helps keep prices low, but the Mondeo’s dominance is based on substance.

Which Ford Mondeo to buy?

Diesel Mondeos outsell petrols by 5 to 1. The less desirable petrols are often £1000 or so cheaper but the massive variety of diesels in the market gives far greater choice. The Mondeo is a big heavy car and the diesel engine suits it very well.

The Mondeo is optimized around the diesel motors and the 2.0 litre diesel engine suits the car best. It is a tough, proven engine that is cheap to maintain. The Spec to go for is mid ranking Edge trim. This has all the extras you need. As with all mass market family cars there is a great deal of variance in the market price of the current Mondeo.

What price to pay?

Mileage and spec are critical. The best time to buy is at three years when the first MOT has been issued. Pay £8,800 for a three year old mid-range 2.0 diesel with 40 to 50,000 miles on the clock. After that depreciation is going to be a steady 10 to 15% on the 2.0 diesel.

What faults do I need to check before buying?

Whilst stationary, turn the steering wheel fully from lock to lock. Listen for a grumbling, clicking or knocking from the steering column. This can indicate failure of the steering rack. If the car is under warranty (3 years/60,000 miles) then Ford may replace the defective part for free. Otherwise, try to negotiate a reduction in the price of the vehicle of £500.

For a full report of common faults on the Ford Mondeo, visit www.UsedCarExpert.co.uk