Honda’s Insight cleaner and greener

Honda has made its Insight even greener.

LIKE something out of a detergent advert, Honda is unveiling a cleaner car!
The Japanese carmaker is revising its Insight hybrid to make it cleaner and greener while at the same time adding a touch more quality.
The revamped hatchback is claimed to reduced CO2 emissions to 96g/km by improving the aerodynamics and mechanical efficiency. Lower engine friction, alterations to the CVT transmission system and improvements to the car’s air conditioning have all aided the reduction in fuel consumption.
Obviously, the 2012 Insight will still qualify for exemption from the London Congestion Charge and sits in the lowest Vehicle Excise Band so owners pay no road tax. This has the knock-on effect of low Benefit In Kind taxation rates, which should benefit company car drivers.
The new Insight has also had the exterior spruced up with a new front grille and rear visibility has been improved with the use of a slimmer spolier, a modified tailgate and a smaller wiper motor.
Engine and suspension modifications give an improvement in ride comfort and stability, and interior quality has been improved.