Safe way for young drivers to learn

Signs of the times? Startline lets young drivers learn away from busy roads.

A NEW initiative aimed at younger drivers has been launched at the Castle Combe Circuit near Chippenham.
Startline is designed to develop confidence, knowledge and driving skills for under-17s. The course simulates road driving, but takes place in a totally safe off-road environment.
The scheme uses highly experienced Advanced Driving Instructors to teach car control skills, driving mindset, sign knowledge, road reading talent, safety know-how and many other essential driving must-haves, in a carefully constructed five-stage program.
Startline aims aim is to make pre-licence youngsters better and safer drivers when they do get out on the road.
Improvements are assessed individually by the instructors over each of the six-hour sessions (five in total). At the end of each stage, parents get to ride alongside their budding driver offspring, to help them experience driving with passengers, and for the parents to see the improvements the Startline scheme has made.
Castle Combe’s Circuit mManaging director Graham Marshallsay said: “By starting early and in a totally safe, traffic-free environment, a lot of the pressure and most of the danger is removed, so youngsters are better placed to soak up the necessary wealth of information – helping to make them far safer, more accomplished, confident drivers when they do eventually get out on the public highway.
“Investing in youth driver safety and skills is one important way of helping to set the next generation of drivers up for a safe, happy motoring life and Castle Combe’s wide expanses of tarmac are the perfect place to learn.”
The five-stage Startline youth driver initiative will be run in groups throughout the Castle Combe annual calendar, priced at £150 for each six-hour stage (of a five-stage course). For more information on Startline, or to book the first few slots in the Autumn Half term in October (24th-27th), please call on 01249 782417 or book online @