UK debut for two new Kawasaki models

Kawasaki’s big cruiser, the 1400GTR, is just made for the open road.

NOT one, but two of the most eagerly awaited bikes of 2010 are now in Kawasaki dealers showrooms across the UK.

Initially available in  limited numbers, the amazing new streetfighter style Z1000 will be joined on showroom floors by the latest incarnation of the 1400GTR super tourer.

Garnering a swathe of positive press reports at its launch in Spain, the dramatically styled and completely re-engineered Z1000 takes the avant-garde styling of its forebears to new extremes in 2010, marking itself out as the most radical Japanese streetfighter style machine ever.

Kwacker’s big Z1000 is smooth enough for the open road, tough enough for the street.

With a raft of upgrades, including, traction control, linked brakes and a special selectable fuel economy mode, the 1400GTR has been designed to go further, and in greater comfort, than any other touring machine available. In addition to its major features, many other convenient items, such as heated handlebar grips and an electronically adjustable screen with a memory function, are the result of extensive customer research.

Commenting on the first two of a mouth watering five new machines from the manufacturer in 2010, Kawasaki Motors UK’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Michael Johnstone, said: “What a fantastic pair of machines to launch at the very start of the biking season.

“The Z1000 is sure to make an impression in the urban landscape, while the new 1400GTR exemplifies our goal to constantly innovate and refresh our motorcycle offering. Both machines are available in limited quantities so riders need to visit their Kawasaki dealer now if they want to be among the first to experience these new models.”