Multistrada proving popular

Ducati’s Multistrada has erupted onto the bike scene.

DUCATI’S new Multistrada 1200 has been enjoying a favourable reception from interested bike fans during its tour of Ducati dealerships drawing crowds wherever it goes – and perhaps more importantly, plenty of orders.

The pre-production Multistrada 1200 Touring version was recently on display at the London Motorcycle Show where the bike was mobbed by motorcyclists eager to see the bike that has captured the imagination of many due its ground breaking design and technical features.

solo bikeDucati dealerships have been overwhelmed by the response of the public with many people putting deposits down before even seeing or riding the bike.

Dealer of the year, Ducati Manchester, have so far taken deposits for over 30 bikes with similar numbers being reported at stores in Glasgow, London and Coventry. Other dealers are experiencing unprecedented levels of interest.

The first Multistrada demonstrators are expected to arrive in dealerships at the beginning of April with deliveries of the ‘S’ model being shipped soon after. The first shipments are already sold-out so dealers are recommending that buyers put down deposits as soon as possible or book test rides as soon as demonstrators arrive.

Responding to the high demand, Ducati UK are reviewing their sales plans and hope to be able to meet customer demand within the summer season. Early orders show a model mix which is 80% in favour of the ‘S’ model which features Ducati electronic suspension, ABS and traction control and is without doubt the version that has made this such an anticipated bike.

Although the Multistrada will undoubtedly appeal to Ducatisti it has also appealed to many others with up to 85% of sales leads being drawn to the Ducati from other brands.

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