Retro Honda has that classic look

The VT750S in its red colour scheme.

DO you hanker after the good old days when film stars cruised around on big bikes?
Well, you could be in luck as Honda (UK) are bringing out two specials of the classic and retro-style VT750S. The bike was designed to give a wide range of bikers a great riding experience.
Both of the new specials come with ‘Championship White’ paintwork which adds to the timeless appeal of the VT750S and helps to highlight the black V-twin engine and chrome details.
Enhancing the retro look, the tank of the first special is painted with Honda’s original wing logo in red and tips its hat to the Japanese bike builder’s racing lineage by adding a solid red stripe along the centre, with smaller pin stripes either side.
The second special has the same stripes and wing logos, but in a striking ‘yellow/gold’ colour, reminiscent of Honda machines from the past.
Both bikes should rekindle a sense of nostalgia with riders who can remember Hondas of the past, but also appeal greatly to the newer generations of riders who will love the retro styling which features so strongly in many of today’s products.
The VT750S also comes in Pearl Heron Blue with Shasta White, and Black colour schemes.
But it’s not just about looks — the bike has all the performance and handling you would expect from a modern machine, which should appeal to a wide spectrum of riders.
It has the punch to take on long journeys and the guile to tackle the daily commute.
The special editions comes with a price tag of £6,200 on the road, the same as the Pearl Heron Blue variant. The Graphite Black model comes in at £5,950OTR.
For full details about the VT750S see or telephone 0845 2008000.