AA chooses Pan European for its recovery fleet

When a van can’t get through, a Pan European should do!

THE Automobile Association (AA) is updating its two-wheeled recovery fleet.
And it has chosed the Honda ST1300 Pan European ‘touring’ model. The Japanese bike manufacturer had previously supplied the AA with NT700VA Deauville and Silverwing 600 scooters in 2008, but these are now reaching the end of their useful lives.
They are purchasing 50 of the big Hondas for their fleet, in the familiar AA colour scheme, and will be set to work on the streets of the capital, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Nottingham and Derby, where traffic congestion is very heavy, so often using two wheels makes it faster and easier to get through to motorists in trouble.
After looking at a variety of big machines, the AA decided that the Pan European suited its needs best. Good luggage capacity with its topbox and panniers make it very suitable for roadside assistance and its handling, performance and general comfort means the riders won’t be disappointed either.
Chief engineer at the AA, Steve Ives, said: “We carried out an extensive evaluation of a number of different motorcycle models but the Honda Pan European tipped the balance on a number of counts. It has an exceptional carrying capacity as standard, so our patrols can carry extra tools and equipment without the need for pannier upgrades. Other considerations were its larger battery, which will allow us to charge car batteries using the bike, the shaft drive for improved durability, as well as its excellent handling and comfort for the rider. 
“The Pan European is a very capable bike that will allow our motorbike patrols to respond to a wider range of breakdowns than before. We have always had great service from them in the past so look forward to welcoming the Pan back as the flagship of the AA motorbike fleet.”
To find out more about the Pan European and Honda’s full range of motorbikes, scooters, cars and other products, contact your local dealer, visit www.honda.co.uk or telephone 0845 200 8000.