Appearing green ‘not enough’

THE British Motorcyclists Federation have welcomed the support of the Federation of European Motorcyclists (FEMA) in calling for CO2 labelling of all new motorcycles, scooters and mopeds.
The move follows a motion put forward by the bmf at a recent FEMA meeting noting that while powered two wheelers generally have a smaller impact on the environment than cars, they are not seen as particularly green by legislators and that consumers too lack the information they need to make an informed choice.

Typical EU energy label.

 Although due to follow the readily available car labelling system within the next two years, the bmf would like to see a similar system implemented for motorcycles sooner rather than later so that fuel consumption and emission figures are available both in manufacturer’s literature and displayed at the point of sale.
With the ability to filter through heavy traffic and taking up less road space than cars, motorcycles of all descriptions are liable to pollute less, but say the bmf, until manufacturers publish their green credentials, motorcyclists are never likely to enjoy the benefits of lower road tax, or even in some cases, zero tax, as enjoyed by modern, highly efficient cars.
Chris Hodder, the bmf’s Government Relations Executive and proposer of the motion said: “We are constantly seeking a better deal for the powered two wheeler user but this is increasingly difficult when cars are seen to be getting cleaner by the day yet motorcycles are an unknown quantity.

“For the good of motorcycling as a whole, a labelling system will force manufacturers to be more open and prove their green credentials.”
Already supporters of the TTXGP race series for electric motorcycles, the bmf also supports the development of zero-emission motorcycles as a way of ensuring the sustainability of motorcycling in an increasingly green transport environment.