Haute couture Harley

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Curvy Custo… the very colourful new model from Harley-Davidson.

HARLEY-DAVIDSON and the fashion designer Custo Dalmau have joined their inspiration to create the exclusive Harley Custo.
The result of this emotional experience is a unique Harley-Davidson collector’s item where Custo Dalmau reflects his creativity and the motorcycle builder and designer, two-time world customisation champion, Ferry Clot, has modified the bike to incorporate the designs.

Harley Custo
Psychedlic man!

The idea was born from a passion between the designer and Harley-Davidson which shares values such as freedom, independence and a deep vocation for designs with a non-conformist spirit. Custo Dalmau is a fan of the motor world and, in his early days  as a designer, he travelled across the United States on a motorcycle, a trip that was the source of inspiration for his first designs.

Custo has found a new muse in Harley-Davidson, a reflection of his passion for two wheels. His creativity united with the talent and experience of Ferry Clot has produced this spectacular result, a Harley Custo with a very Mediterranean look, inspired by the dragster sports motorcycles.

The Harley Custo, a transformed Night Rod Special by Harley-Davidson, has come from the encounter between Dalmau and Clot. Both share a special pleasure for aesthetics that go beyond the conventional and have created a unique Harley.

Ferry Clot has modified, adapted and given form to the creative idea proposed by Custo Dalmau,  influencing the bodywork,  parts of the motor, the chassis,  forks and  hubcaps with each detail being hand-painted.

In the words of Clot: “The originality of Custo Dalmau’s creative proposal has impressed me and created a challenge, because it obligates us to carry out a great transformation of the motorcycle from the structure to the look. It has been an extraordinarily exciting experience because Harley-Davidson has been very daring”.