Which are the top car accessories this Christmas?

Sat nav devices are voted the most popular accessories this Christmas.

WITH plummeting temperatures this Christmas, it’s not just the turkeys that will be frozen.
As the temperatures have dropped again this week, and more snow blankets the country, it’s no surprise that 58% of motorists voted sat nav the most useful car accessory ever, in a survey commissioned by Vauxhall Aftersales.
However, after decidedly the latest blast of wintery weather, AutoSock’s ‘Snow Socks’*are a contender for the most desirable accessory this Christmas. Vauxhall is currently the only vehicle manufacturer to offer this winter’s must-have emergency driving aid and thousands have already experienced firsthand the benefits of these tyre covers which simply slip over the driving wheels of a vehicle to give extra traction in snow and ice.
With so many people travelling across the country during the Yuletide season, having a pair stowed neatly in their vehicle is a sensible precaution.
Vauxhall retailers offers ‘Snow Socks’ and sat navs throughout its retailer network. A range of Garmin stand-alone sat navs units are available starting from £110 while ‘Snow Socks’ are priced from a very affordable £49.95.
Vauxhall’s parking sensor kits should also prove popular this Christmas, as the bumper saving technology commanded an impressive 28% of the survey’s vote. Available as a two sensor rear number plate pack, they are supplied and fitted from £189.
Perhaps helped by memories of last winter’s record-breaking snowfalls, what proved most popular with survey respondents for the future were car accessories which would bring enhanced driver comfort and a high degree of automation. As such, self-parking devices rated very high, as did automatic distance regulation for vehicles on the move. However, the big winners were self-driving systems with 43% of the vote and self-cleaning and waxing systems with 39%.
Among survey respondents who made suggestions for future accessories, there was also high popularity for devices allowing vehicles to run on alternative energy sources, like electric, water and solar power, as well as those that prevented unsafe driving practices.
While most accessories available, from tow bars to child seats, safety packs to roof boxes, there are a few gaps in the range. And that’s a good thing as the survey found fluffy dice and ‘on board’ signs, vie for the title of least useful accessories ever. Ultimately there could be only one loser and that went to the dangling die, which should only be considered for a present if it’s delivered by ‘Secret Santa’!