Binatone’s walkie-talkies great for outdoor events

Easy and fun to use, these walkie-talkies are ideal for music festivals or motorsport events.

MOBILE phones are great, but they are costly and prone to getting water-logged if it’s a bit damp – which it often is at music festivals – just ask the folks enjoying a brilliant line-up of music at Glastonbury this year.
There is an answer though, Binatone walkie talkies, which are similar size to a mobile, but come with a handy belt clip.
They are also ideal for keeping in touch with your friends on all sorts of activities. The pair I’ve been testing, for example, were put to good use when we got split up in a forest while out mountain biking.
Alternatively, if you run events, they would be the perfect solution to easily keeping in touch with your colleagues at the click of a button
They have a good range, but obviously it varies if buildings are in the way, but with no obstructions, they are quite impressive.
With plenty of music festivals on the go now, and the British Grand Prix not far away, they will solve the problems of not being able to contact friends due to busy mobile networks or having a flat battery with nowhere to recharge. Of course, the other benefit is that you can keep in touch for free with Binatone’s easy-to-use walkie talkies.
Offering three models, the range offers a style, feature set and price to suit every type of festival-goer – whether a camper or a glamper!
Compact and loaded with high-spec features, the Binatone Terrain walkie talkies include VOX (Voice Operated Exchange) technology that detects when a user starts and stops speaking – meaning they can keep their hands free for waving along to their favourite band.
With group mode, up to 16 people can communicate in any one transmission which is ideal for large festival trips, when keeping track of everyone can prove a challenge!
The cheapest model in the range, the Terrain 200 is light, yet durable. Its super bright LCD display keeps it visible in any light and the 7km long range and eight channel combinations mean that even next to the noisiest of rock-bands, it’ll keep a crystal-clear connection for £29.99
For those who’d rather be waving a lighter than a phone, the Terrain 750 long range, two way radio provides the perfect solution. Offering an extra long range of up to 8km, this innovative model features VOX technology that will turn the radio off when not in use and automatically switch back on when receiving sound, saving battery life and the use of hands.
Stylish and functional, it boasts up to 968 channels for extra privacy, a large LCD backlit display, 10 call tones and even a handy charge pod – ideal for when you don’t have access to a plug! It costs £39.99
The Marina 900 IPX7 two-way radio is the perfect companion for those who are likely to get wet, offering an extra long range of up to 10km and more importantly, it’s completely waterproof.
Drop it welly-deep in wet mud and it’ll be fine. With up to 1944 channel combinations, this all-weather model offers VOX hands-free technology, 15 ringer tones and a backlit display – which will come in handy for those times when trying to navigate the way back to the tent or tipi in the dark!
Other great features include a direct-call facility which allows two paired handsets to communicate one on one, instead of broadcasting over radio frequencies and a silent mode with a vibrate feature for those moments gig-goers just don’t want to be disturbed! It sells for £79.99.