Don’t forget your winter socks!

SnowWorks provide extra grip in snowy and icy conditions.

AS the weather turns really cold and the first snows of winter have already fallen, Vauxhall has added a winter driving must-have to its comprehensive range of accessories with the highly-effective ‘Snow Socks’ — tyre covers to get you out of a slippery situation in snowy and icy conditions.
Less cumbersome than snow chains and more effective than winter tyres on ice and snow, the covers simply slip over the driving wheels of a vehicle and work by creating friction. Vauxhall, which is one of the first car retailers to offer them, believes all motorists should carry snow socks to give them every chance of more safely making unavoidable or emergency journeys throughout the unpredictable British winter.
During the heavy snow falls and plummeting temperatures of December and January last winter, insurers paid out £395-million to motorists in 268,400 claims, many of which were for accidental damage caused by driving on slippery roads. The extra grip afforded by Snow Socks could help reduce the risk of accidents caused by lack of traction.
Made from a textured fabric that sticks to dry snow and ice, the fibres on the covers are arranged at right angles in the direction of travel in order to optimise grip on the road.
“With so many of us caught out by the big freeze last year, it is important to be better prepared for whatever this winter will throw at us,” said Sophie Thomas, Vauxhall Accessories Manager. “If we need to make it home from work, get to the train station or pick the kids up from school after a sudden change to icy conditions, Snow Socks are a perfect solution. They’re easily fitted and stored, and, if used according to the guidelines, will last for years.”
Snow Socks are available from Vauxhall Retailers starting at £49.95 RRP and can be used on all makes and models of vehicles. For more information contact your local Vauxhall Retailer.