Take a trip with Bert and Ernie

Bert and Ernie

Bert and Ernie are now available on your TomTom device.

STREET characters can now help you to find your way around Britain.
But don’t think Coronation Street, think more fun… Sesame Street.
You can now purchase the voices of Bert and Ernie for TomTom sat nav devices. Sesame Workshop and Locutio Voice Technologies have joined forces so that drivers can be accompanied by the street characters… whether their destination is Sesame Street or any other place.
Forget those standard voices and let Bert and Ernie put a smile on your face as you drive around. The pair not only give you the navigation instructions, but also enjoy a bit of banter such as: “U-turn ahead, Bert. Just me turn? All of us Bert.”
A video of the characters recording their voice-overs can be seen at:


The Sesame Street stars are bound to lighten the mood on any trip and can be downloaded for £7.95.