Now you can find out how Smithers feels!

Mr Burns voice
Now Mr Burns can bark orders at you, instead of poor Smithers.
SPRINGFIELD’S Mr Burns and Marge Simpson are the next to tell you where to go as TomTom releases these all-new character voices for their range of GPS navigation systems. Each of the character voices have been developed in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products, The Gracie Films Worldwide Brand Division and Locutio Voice Technologies. Mr Burns and Marge Simpson join the voice of Homer Simpson, which has become the most downloaded character voice of all time, for TomTom GPS apps and personal navigation devices.
Springfield Nuclear Power Plant owner Mr Burns is as bold and direct as one would expect: “Take the third right. Do it, driving monkey!” and “Take the exit on the right. Trust me – I’m an evil billionaire.” While Marge instructs drivers, “Exit right ahead. Hmmm, it smells a little funky in here Was Homer in this car?”
Marge Simpson, Mr Burns and Homer Simpson are exclusively available for the TomTom App for iPhone, iPad and personal navigation devices. The voices can be downloaded onto a TomTom personal navigation device from or from TomTom HOME. Users of the TomTom iPhone and iPad apps can obtain the voices via in-app purchase.
“We want to keep the offerings on the TomTom app fresh and exciting by introducing new voices at different times,” said Jeffrey Godsick, President of Fox Consumer Products. “We know that fans of the show are going to appreciate these new additions as it gives them yet another platform to enjoy one of the greatest shows of all time.”
You can buy each voice for £3.49 as an in-App purchase on iPhone or iPad or £7.95 as a download (to a TomTom personal navigation device) from or TomTom HOME
Sample clips of Marge, Mr Burns and Homer can be found here: