MoneySupermarket’s car insurance comparison app

Price comparison company MoneySupermarket has become the first to launch a car insurance comparison app for use by all iPhone owners.
Available free of charge from the MoneySupermarket website or iTunes, the app is expected to revolutionise the way that consumers go about purchasing insurance by taking advantage of the developing app market; with 30-million apps now being downloaded from iTunes every single day according to Asymco.
The company believes that the biggest hindrance which often results in motorists simply accepting the renewal offered to them by their present insurer rather than shopping around for deals is the time which is required in order to source out quotes from other providers. MoneySupermarket has therefore designed the app with time savings in mind and hopes that the ability to compare deals in any place at any time will open a whole new market to the company.

The app explained
The first time that quotes are sourced will be the most time consuming for users as they will be required to create a MoneySupermarket user account, unless they already have one of course. This will require users to enter information about themselves which is required in order for car insurance quotes to be calculated; factors such as the motorists age, gender and occupation will all be factored in so as to create an accurate risk profile by insurers.
These details will then not need to be entered on subsequent visits, significantly reducing the amount of time it takes in order to find car insurance premiums.
The company has also come up with a way of reducing the amount of time needed to enter information about the vehicle on the policy as well as removing the possibility of human errors by introducing a registration plate recognition system. App users need simply take a photograph of a vehicle number plate upon being prompted and the app will then automatically retrieve the required information from the DVLA vehicle database.
Once these two stages have been completed the app will then return a range of quotes available through over 100 car insurance companies; all of whom have a presence on the MoneySupermarket website. These quotes can be saved for future reference in case the user wants to compare quotes available on different makes of vehicle for instance.
This has the potential to completely alter the car insurance buying experience; allowing users to compare quotes available on specific cars, even on the vehicle forecourt. With car insurance premiums becoming an increasingly big influencer on vehicle purchase decisions, MoneySupermarket’s car insurance app could become a very powerful tool.

Purchase on the go
Each of the retrieved quotes will have two buttons located alongside them, one of which is called the click to call button. This will allow users to contact insurers directly if they want to make enquiries about the specifics of the policies.
Alternatively, users could click the purchase button which will allow them to action the policy on the spot if they feel they are confident that it matches their exact requirements. The company claims that the average motorist would save £375 by utilising its service.
Watch the video below to see how it works: