Used Seat Leons are cheaper than VW or Audi rivals

The Seat Leon comes in various guises, but all are built to last.

The Leon is a radically styled, Golf-based entrant into the Focus class. The pleasing but radical styling and non-premium badge have kept prices soft when compared to the Golf or Audi A3 which are essentially the same car underneath. But with no significant updates, the design is not dating, but is rather standing the test of time.
If there is any doubt about the Leon’s handling credentials you only have to look at its excellent performances in British Touring Cars.
All the things that make the Golf and A3 so good apply equally to the Leon. Excellent engines, remarkably good handling, and a robust interior make this car a wise choice. It’s just much, much cheaper than either.
Petrol Seat Leon cars lose least between years 1 and 3, so this is the best buy if you want to keep the car for a while.
The best choice with the Leon is to go for a 1.6 petrol. The comparative diesel will cost you £1700 more and the mileage will be roughly equivalent. The 1.6 petrol will still manage a creditable 37mpg but servicing costs will be much lower.
The 1.6 petrol should be adequate in terms of engine and, as all Leons are well specified we would opt for mid ranking Reference trim. Avoid Sport trim as it will add £400 to the price and the big wheels and tyres do the ride no favours.
A 3 year old 1.6 petrol Leon in Reference trim should set you back £8200. You could pay up to £20500 for a nearly new 2.0 diesel version of the same car.
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The less sporty models can be the most comfortable.