Owners of older cars save most on motoring

RUNNING a car over 20 years old is the cheapest way to drive. There’s virtually no depreciation, insurance costs peanuts and they are easy to maintain.

A visit to the internet shows most parts running at less than half the price of those for more modern vehicles.

If your vehicle is over 20 years old the value is likely to be less, so you can insure third-party only. Limiting mileage whacks insurance premiums right down.

The carparts-direct price comparison chart shows spares at less than half the price of their equivalent modern day vehicle. And older cars are often easier to work on.

Martin Mosley of carparts-direct said “Lots of our customers will buy an older car, paying around a £1,000, spend a few hundred pounds on it and run it on a low budget. Tax, Insurance, Servicing and fuel can be less than one year’s depreciation on a brand new car.”

Martin Mosley runs the ‘Parts for older cars’ department at the Mail order specialists, Car Parts Direct. Martin’s team supplies parts for all makes of vehicles over 20 years old. They have seen a huge increase in the number of motorists putting their older car back on the road in recent months.

It’s not just the fun of driving their favourite classic along country lanes. It is practical inexpensive motoring. Without doubt, the cheapest way to run a car.

There’s over 200,000 discounted Car Parts available on the carparts-direct website for owners of both Modern and Classic vehicles. Motorists can order, enquire online and contact Martin Mosley by visiting www.carparts-direct.co.uk