Under The Channel: We clear up the difference between Eurotunnel and Eurostar

Eurotunnel and Eurostar – do you the key differences?

EVEN though the Channel Tunnel linking the UK to mainland Europe has been open for 27 years, there still seems to be abundant confusion between the two popular train services that use it – Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and Eurostar. Not sure which is which, or how to choose between the two options? It really depends on where you want to go and how you want to travel. We clear up some myths…

Are Eurotunnel Le Shuttle & Eurostar the same company?

No – Eurostar uses Eurotunnel’s tunnel, and is one of their biggest customers. The Channel Tunnel is the longest undersea tunnel in the world at 38km long.

Where can I board?

Eurotunnel’s UK boarding point is in Folkestone, Kent.

Eurostar currently runs from St Pancras International, London.

Where can I go?

The main Eurostar routes go to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam, with some seasonal routes and connections across France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle runs solely between Folkestone and Calais.

By foot or by vehicle?

Travelling on foot is great if you’re visiting a busy city for the weekend, but driving might be more suitable for a longer trip and allows for greater baggage allowances.

Eurostar trains are for foot passengers only, so are ideal if you don’t need or want a vehicle for your trip.

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle carries freight and all forms of vehicle, including cars, motorbikes, campervans, caravans, coaches and lorries. You cannot travel as a foot passenger on Eurotunnel, but you are able to take a bicycle.


Only assistance dogs are allowed on Eurostar trains.

Eurotunnel allows you to travel with a pet for an additional cost of £22 each way (assistance dogs are exempt), providing you have the necessary paperwork.

Journey length

Eurotunnel takes just 35 minutes between Folkestone and Calais.

Eurostar takes approximately 2.5 hours to reach Paris from London.


Eurotunnel currently runs 2-3 shuttle departures per hour, likely to increase to 4 in the summer. The busiest day of 2022 so far was 19th February, on which 8,500 passenger vehicles were transported on Le Shuttle.

Eurostar currently runs a service from London every 1-1.5 hours.

Book your getaway with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle from as little as:

  • £50 per vehicle (up to 9 passengers) each way for a Day Trip & Overnight ticket
  • £79 per vehicle (up to 9 passengers) each way for a Short Stay Saver ticket (valid for 5 calendar days)
  • £97 per vehicle (up to 9 passengers) for a Standard ticket (for any duration). One way
  • £269 per vehicle (up to 9 passengers) for a Flexiplus ticket, turn up any time and get on the next available train, and access to the club lounge (for any duration). One way
  • Take your pet from just £22 each way

For more information please visit www.eurotunnel.com