A family saloon with the heart of a sports car


The G37 has a potent engine and sporting character.

Ageing, but young at heart, IAN LAMMING discovers a car that was created by a like-minded designer – the Infiniti G37 xGT.

AGE is a terrible thing and it affects us all in so many ways – including the cars we have to drive.
If you are anything like me, when I was a lad, motors had to be all about power, style and performance. Forget economy, scoff at practicality and laugh in the face of comfort.
Low was high on the shopping list, two doors were fine and spine defiling ride a must. Then it was time to grow up waving goodbye to the lithe and sporty and embracing large and accommodating.
A sad fact of life, I’m afraid – unless you work for Infiniti. You see, no-one got round to telling their designers, hence the G37.
Don’t be fooled by the saloon looks, this is no ordinary car. In every other respect the G37 is a fire-breathing sporstcar thanks to a growling 3.7-litre V6 that you might expect to find under the bonnet of a Z-car.
And that’s the link to Nissan; Infiniti is the luxury division of the Japanese marque, but not in a softly softly limousine sort of way, more a hard-edged, sharp as a razor, ultimate sports saloon approach, that will have you thinking back to the good old days.
To look at, the G37 is a pleasant enough, contemporary four door. It attracts plenty of looks because most people don’t have a clue what it is, but think it attractive enough to have a gander.
A glimpse through the window confirms its luxurious pretentions; acres of leather, oodles of hi-tech toys and a plethora of quality fittings. Lovely.
What nobody can possibly imagine is how this mother moves – it is truly incredible. That snarling V6 offers a mind-boggling 320PS. That will get you to 60mph in under six seconds and on to a gentlemanly agreed top speed of 155mph.
But it’s the way it does this that impresses the most because when you open up the G37’s lungs its voice is second to none. The aural quality of the six is simply glorious and the depth of power breathtaking. Sheer joy.
The ride is also more sportscar than saloon and the responses sabre sharp. It may pack four doors and a boot, but in every other respect this Infiniti is a hot rod – and obviously designed by someone of maturing years, who is still young at heart.

Model: Infiniti G37 xGT
Engine: 3.7-litre V6
Drivetrain: 7-speed automatic
Power: 320PS
Top speed: 155mph
0-62mph: 6.0 secs
Insurance group: 45
MPG: 25.7 (combined):
CO2: 255g/km
PRICE: £40,305