Vauxhall ‘carwalk’ stops traffic in Capital

Fashion models strut their stuff on Vauxhall’s Carwalk.

LONDON witnessed its most unusual fashion show this week as top models strutted their stuff on the world’s first car catwalk.
A 20-metre long catwalk was constructed across the roofs of three Vauxhall Corsa cars to mark the tenth season of Vauxhall Fashion Scout, a showcase for the best up-and-coming fashion designers, at London Fashion Week.
The models, who normally perform on perfectly polished catwalks, spent a week learning to sashay at a height of over 1.5 metres ahead of the carefully choreographed three hour show.
Vauxhall Fashion Scout has become an established fixture during London Fashion Week with a reputation of unearthing some of the best British fashion designers including William Tempest, Prophetik and Bodyamr who have gone on to dress Cheryl Cole, Emma Watson and Daisy Lowe respectively.
Wendy Towler from Vauxhall Motors commented: “What better way to highlight our long-running commitment to emerging British fashion than by creating the world’s first carwalk and giving young designers a unique platform to showcase their talents.”