smart new ways to personalise your car

The smart customisation programme is made foryou and can help you to personalise your car.

smart has unveiled the perfect solution for owners who literally have designs on making their smart fortwo even more individual.
The smart foryou customisation programme offers enthusiasts the chance to enhance and personalise the appearance of their smart with unique graphics that can be applied to the body panels and tridion safety cell.
Both private and fleet customers will benefit from smart foryou, business users having the opportunity to personalise their fleet vehicles with graphic designs advertising their company details.
The fun, cool character of smart is reflected in 33 exclusive designs that are available from launch. Designs available include ‘Flying Flag’, ‘Modern Flame’, ‘Double Sport Stripe’, ‘Graffiti’, ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Butterflies’.
Depending on feasibility, smart foryou can also accommodate owners who wish to order totally bespoke graphics. Customers will be able to purchase individual elements, packages that include designs for front, side and rear body panels, and full body wraps.
Designs are available from only £50, rising to £1900 for a full ‘Carbon smart’ body wrap. All graphics are guaranteed for five years.
There’s even the option for customers to try before they buy via an online configurator at Using the 3D facility, owners can see how the graphics would look when applied to a smart the same colour as their own.
Gary Savage, Managing Director Mercedes-Benz Cars UK, said: ”Many owners see their smart as an extension of their personality and smart foryou allows them to show this to full effect.
“The added style of smart foryou optimises owners’ enjoyment of their cars but for business users it can be an invaluable addition to their company, providing a very cost-effective means of advertising that is both mobile and very eyecatching.”