Fancy making improvements to your caravan?

Upgrade your caravan
The book shows which projects are suitable for DIY.

CARAVANNING is one of those motoring issues which seems to divide drivers. Most either love it or loathe it.
But of those who love it, caravanning can take a vice-like hold which not even the indifferent British weather can shake loose.
So, if you are one of those who just love their caravan, but it’s getting a little long in the tooth, why not try some improvements?
If you are interested in improving your caravan and making it the way you want it, then there’s a book just for you.
For most caravanners, planning and installing upgrades is one of the most enjoyable parts of caravan ownership, second only to taking those fantastic holidays! Now, for the first time, the Improve & Modify Your Caravan manual explains exactly what you can do to improve your caravan and how to carry out the work yourself.
Lindsay Porter, one of the country’s most highly esteemed motoring and caravanning authors, shows how almost 100 accessories and improvements can be fitted to your caravan, in fascinating, step-by-step detail. The manual contains over 1,000 illustrations, covering everything from explaining how your caravan has been constructed through to information on how to carry out a vast range of modifications. From satellite TV to a simple aerial socket; from installing a complete flush WC to fitting a water filter; from caravan movers to caravan security – it’s all to be found in the pages of this book.
It also gives details on which accessories are available for your caravan and which projects are suitable for DIY and which best left the experts, plus a host of safety tips.
How to Improve & Modify Your Caravan by Lindsay Porter is available now for £30, ISBN 9781845843281.