Chevrolet Volt charges onto UK car scene

Dressed to impress - Chevrolet's new Volt powers onto the electric car scene.

Chevrolet Volt review

As Chevrolet surges onto the electric car scene, KEITH WARD has a look at its new Volt.

According to Chevrolet, around 2,500 UK motorists have expressed “interest”, as distinct from placing orders, in their new electric Volt.
However, with only about three dozen launch cars in the country at the moment and with only two specialist sales dealers yet appointed, in Cambridge and Wimbledon, it is going to be a slow build-up.
Promised eventually is a national network of  28 technically equipped and trained service dealers with a ferrying facility to get your car to and from.
The Volt arrives here garlanded with awards but burdened, like its recently launched GM sibling the Vauxhall Ampera, with a huge price tag. The North American Car of the Year, 2011 Green Car of the Year, World Green Car and European Car of the Year, roughly the size of a five-door Astra, costs £29,545.  And that is after deducting the £5,000 grant for electric vehicles currently awarded by the UK government, and subject to review by 2015.
In only one trim, it equates to the most basic of the three Ampera choices, itself not due here until later this year.