BMW releases first pictures of its new 3 Series

These are the first pictures of BMW’s new 3 Series saloon.

These are the first pictures of the new BMW 3 Series which goes on sale in February 2012.
It’s the sixth generation of the car, is at the heart of the BMW brand and is responsible for one-fifth of the company’s worldwide sales.
The next incarnation of the 3 Series will feature new engines, improvements in the EfficientDynamics fuel-saving, emissions-reducing technologies and will be available with an eight-speed automatic gearbox across the entire range.
BMW says it will even offer four-wheel-drive and hybrid versions of the car.
It will be launched with four engines initially and follow the popular “Lines” specifications, in a similar fashion to the BMW 1 Series.
Prices will start from £24,100 on the road, and offer an attractive proposition for business and private drivers alike.

Reflecting on success to come, BMW’s new 3 Series is certain to sell well.