Scooters galore gather in sun-bathed Cleethorpes

These are just a few of the hundreds of scooters that descended on Cleethorpes at the weekend.

HUNDREDS of Lambretta scooters and their owners visited the seaside at the weekend for a rally on Lincolnshire’s east coast.

Two visitors enjoying the sea air in front of the Pier.

A sun-soaked Cleethorpes again hosted the annual event which saw the gleaming machines of all shapes and sizes, along with their owners, camping out at the Stamford Club, on the resort’s Clee Road.
On Saturday, the Scooters descended on the resort, lining the streets and the promenade with their gleaming machines, all glinting in the summer sunshine, although quite a few of the old Lambrettas needed running repairs at the roadside.
A party was held at the famous Beacholme on the Saturday night, before the Scooters which had travelled from all over the country, headed for home.
They will be back next year though and if you’re a fan of these iconic Italian machines, it’s worth making a note in your diary to make sure you don’t miss next year’s spectacular.

Scooters and their riders pack on the The Establishment, on the sea front.

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  1. Only Lambrettas? I see Vespas too. They’ll have been the ones that didn’t need “running repairs at the roadside”.

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