Sporty Mazda 2 has lots of attractions and few faults

With sporty styling, functional interiors and economical engines, the Mazda 2 has a lot to offer as a used buy.

The Mazda2 Sport offers an enticing mix of performance, style and economy, making it a great used buy.

Why consider a MAZDA2?
The Mazda 2 has one of the most sporty and stylish exteriors. But it also has one of the most functional interiors, although there is an overall sense of quality about everything. Plus the driving experience is more enjoyable than any other small car.
There is nothing particularly remarkable about this car’s engines (although they are good). But the signature Mazda gearbox makes it involving to drive. The Mazda2 also offers good front seat comfort and reasonable rear space.

Which MAZDA2 to buy?
Mazda offer three engines in the 2, to suit your needs. There is a quick 1.5P, a thrifty 1.3P and an economical 1.6P. MPG is 50, 54 and 68 respectively. The Sport trim (found on the 1.5P) pushes the insurance group up to 5 from 3.
If you do a lot of miles then the diesel is appealling, especially as prices are not more than the petrol engine. If looking for kicks then the 1.5 Sport is worth the extra £1,000. If you do tiddly mileage to the shops and back though, go with the 1.3.

What price to pay for a MAZDA2?
Three year old cars in perfect condition with low mileage (average is 17-20,000 on the Mazda2) are a bargain at £8,500. There are no great price differences between petrol and diesel, or 3 and 5 door models once on the open market.
Depreciation is mainly just over 10% although some ex-demonstrators can be a lot less than the new list price, so grab one if you can. This saves you depreciation on the new car price and the depreciation after one year seems small.

What faults do I need to check before buying?
Here is one of the faults recommends checking for before buying:
Test drive the car. Listen for a click as the clutch pedal is depressed and released.
This click may be related to flex in the pedal box. If you find this the car will need to go into a dealer to have the pedal box adjusted.

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