Innovative A2 is still sought after

Audi’s innovative A2, made from 2000-2005, is still a sought after model. Here’s the Used Car Expert Buyers Guide

The popular Audi A2 is still a sought after used buy

Why consider a AUDI A2?

Why Audi stopped making this attractive, popular and practical little car is a complete mystery to all. The lack of supply and seemingly endless demand means prices are very firm.

When driving the A2, you feel like you are in a much bigger car. the quality of the cabin materials, the space from the clever design and the reliable, refined engines all add up to a very impressive package.

Which AUDI A2 to buy?

The 1.4 diesel is the one that most people consider first because it offers a solid 64 mpg.  But it also has up to 20,000 miles more on the clock in most years than the petrols. The 1.4 litre petrol however offers a relatively poor MPG of 46.

So it’s the 1.6 petrols that offer the best combination of qualities: Lower mileage and price than either the 1.4 Tdis or 1.4 petrols but still achieving 48 MPG and available in insurance group 8 which is only 2 groupd higher than the 1.4 TDis.

What price to pay for a AUDI A2?

The oldest diesel examples, with 90,000 miles or more are around £3,500 while the ‘newest’ examples are around £5,500 with less than 80,000 miles. The petrols range between £7,000 with 40,000 miles to £3,000 with 76,000 miles.

Depreciation is steady; there are no bad times to buy. The diesel depreciation gets worse, going from low single digits on 5 year olds to double digits on 9 years. Petrols are the opposite, losing most on 5 year olds and then less and less each year.

What faults do I need to check before buying?

Here is one of the common faults that Used Car Expert has discovered on this car, how to look for it and what to do about it:

Test drive the car and check for a creaking from the rear suspension, particularly over rough roads and speed bumps. This creaking can be a problem with the ball joints in the rear suspension. If you find this fault try to negotiate a discount of £100.00 off of the price of the car. Ensure that the cam belt is changed before the car is driven anywhere if it is coming close to its interval. Changing the belt will cost £440.

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