Ageing gracefully, but beware of faulty instruments

Based on the Golf MkIV platform, the futuristic AUDI TT has hardly aged at all. Here’s the Usedcarexpert’s buyers’ guide.

The Audi TT is blessed with timeless design which is ageing well.

Why consider a AUDI TT?
Groundbreaking coupe from Audi that was incredibly futuristic at launch and has hardly dated at all since.
The TT is MK4 Golf based and has that car’s slightly unruly chassis, but excellent engine options. The 180bhp model is front wheel drive only.

Which AUDI TT to buy?
The later 3.2 V6 petrol is more than you need. The 225BHP from the high powered 1.8 turbo is more than enough.
Don’t worry too much about trim and spec. Get a 225 engine and make sure the car has a good service history.

What price to pay for a AUDI TT?
£7500 gets you an eight-year-old 225 Quattro with an average of 76,000 miles on the clock.
Depreciation is likely to be steady on these cars and highly affected by condition and mileage. There is no best time to buy on these cars.

What faults do I need to check before buying?
Here is one of the faults recommends checking for before buying:
With the ignition off, look at the fuel gauge needle. It should point just below empty. The temperature gauge should point to zero. Turn the ignition on and check that the digital readouts are working correctly. Start the engine. After 10 – 15 minutes standing, or five miles driving, the temperature gauge should read in the middle of its range.
If the read outs don’t work properly, the fuel needle or the temperature needle do not point to the right places (as described above) then the entire instrument cluster will need replacing.
Negotiate a £500 discount or have the repair completed.

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The dashboard on this model is pure theatre, but check for potential faults.