Is Nissan’s quirky Juke funky or ugly?


Testing Nissan’s Juke Acenta Sport 1.5 dCi, motoring journalist IAN LAMMING finds a lot to like underneath its quirky looks.

It may look quirky, but its fun to drive and has a lot of fans.

NEVER has a car polarized opinion like the Juke. One person’s funky is another’s ugly and when it comes to looks there is no room for argument; you either like it or you don’t.
If you are in the camp which is far from convinced, then I would say drive it. If you can skirt round its carbuncular looks then you will be in firm agreement with those who enjoy its unique aesthetic.
The weird little Nissan is a great drive and there is no disputing that. On the road it feels sharp, sorted, special. It boasts that hard-to-describe mystical aura that spreads a constant grin across your face even though you aren’t really sure why. It’s a vibe thing.
It inspires the driver to take pleasure in the ride, not simply pilot on auto. Juke is so much more than a means of transport; it is there to be enjoyed, driven for driving sake, with a light heart and a heavy throttle.
The 1.5 litre diesel is the perfect pal for the fine and splendid chassis. It has an urgency way beyond its modest capacity and returns decent miles per gallon, even if you drive with verve. No longer are diesels obvious, obtrusive or obstreperous.
Modern oil burners are so refined, so frugal, so fun to drive, that it makes you wonder why you bother with wheezey petrol variants. When fuel costs about the same as gold bullion, the 55mpg combined cycle is more than welcome, it’s fast becoming a necessity.
Where many cars are a bit dull and a tad ordinary, Juke sports a hum-dinger of an interior. It works perfectly but is also interesting on the eye, a joy to behold, with its interesting surfaces, sheens and shapes.
Finally, the Nissan is well thought out and practical. When you have distances to travel, people to transport, luggage to haul, it is beautifully equipped and a pleasure to live with on a daily basis.
It is also well built and it’s made in Britain – what are you waiting for? And if you are unsure about the lines; look how many are on the roads nowadays; they can’t all be wrong.
Rating: ★★★★★★
Model: Nissan Juke dCi
Engine: 1.5 litre diesel
Drivetrain: Six-speed manual
Power: 110PS
Top speed: 109mph
0-62mph: 10.7secs
Insurance group: 13E
Miles per gallon: 55.4 (combined)
CO2 (g/km): 134
Price: £16,891