Your guide to buying a motorhome


Auto-Trail Apache 634

Big, small or medium like this Auto-Trail Apache 634… find it in the guide.

THE publishers of the UK’s best-selling motorhome magazine have launched a guide to assist buyers to pick the right model for them.
A new motorhome can cost as little as £5,000 for an older secondhand vehicle up to a whacking £1.9-million for a new custom-built A-Class, so the guide from Warners Group Publications could be money well spent!
On average, UK motorhome buyers spend between £30,000 and £50,000 on a vehicle, so it is often the second biggest money layout of their lives.
Make the wrong choice and it could prove costly in many ways. Get it right and you could have uncountable fun. And there is a chance you may even get the same price you paid for it when you sell.
Buying Your First Motorhome is full of tips and the information you need.
“We know how complicated and daunting it can be for first-time (and even more experienced) motorhome buyers when they embark on the buying process,” explained managing editor Daniel Attwood. “There are several stages in the buying process where it is essential the right decision is made, from which motorhome layout or base vehicle is right for you, to ensuring your licence covers you for the weight of motorhome you want to buy right through to which finance options are best for your needs. And this is where the new guide can help. It explains every stage in layman’s terms so even first-time buyers will understand all the aspects of buying a motorhome. And best of all it has been written by experts who know the motorhome industry and the motorhome market inside out.”
The guide has 164 pages of information to take you through the buying process step by step, from deciding which layout to pick all the way through to breakdown cover, with a list of more than 900 motorhomes included.
Buying Your First Motorhome costs £4.99 and is available in WH Smiths.
Alternatively, it can be ordered directly for £3.99 plus postage, or £3.49 to MMM, Which Motorhome, Caravan and Which Caravan magazine subscribers. The guide can be ordered direct by visiting or calling 01778 392010.
As sponsors of the guide, the Caravan Club also has a special offer for its members who can purchase their copy of the guide at the discounted price of £3.49 by calling 01778 392010.
For those who want to have a digital rather than paper guide, Buying Your First Motorhome is also available through for just £2.99 – perfect for those who want to refer to its invaluable advice on their iPhone or smartphone while they visit dealers or motorhome shows.