VW hopes sales will rocket with the up!

Volkswagen have given the up! a long wheelbase to make good use of interior space.

THE only way is up!
Or at least that’s what German car maker Volkswagen must be hoping with its latest offering.
The company has released the first photos of its up! which will make its debut at next month’s Frankfurt motor show.
The up! is a completely new design, which offers maximum space in a compact package (3.54 x 1.64 m), making it ideal for towns and cities. European sales begin in December and there will be three versions – take up! is the entry-level car, move up! the comfort-oriented model and high up! the top version. 
A new generation of three-cylinder petrol motors will be offered in the model, offering 60PS and 70PS. The Bluemotion Technology version is claimed to give a combined fuel consumption (with stop/start system) of around 67mpg (4.2l/100km) for the 60PS version.
And VW are also planning an electric version.
The car can be ordered with the optional City Emergency Braking system, a new safety technology which uses a laser to detect possible collisions when the vehicle is travelling at  less than 18mph. Even if it can’t stop you fully, it will reduce collision damage.
Although small, the relatively long wheelbase allows full use of interior space which, with the engine mounted well to the front, gives plenty of room inside, much more than usual in this class.
And the inside is colourful as well as spacious and well finished.
For the first time in a VW, the maps + more system is now being offered, which is a mobile Personal Infotainment Device (PID).  This is a system developed to organise navigation, telephone, information and entertainment.  The user simply snaps the PID into place above the centre console from where it links to the car’s systems. Navigation, telephone and infotainment can be controlled and viewed via the maps + more touchscreen, which can also be used to view vehicle information, such as the display of the parking sensors (where fitted).