Toyota unveil electric RAV4

Toyota are to unveil an electric variant of its popular RAV4.

TOYOTA will take the wraps off a new electric vehicle at the Los Angeles Auto Show next week, the RAV4 EV Concept.
The concept marks further progress towards RAV4 EV being brought to market in the USA in 2012, further strengthening Toyota’s leadership in developing a range of technologies for low carbon, sustainable transport.
The new concept combines the current RAV4 compact SUV with an electric powertrain from Tesla Motors. In May, Toyota announced it would co-operate with the American company in the development of electric vehicles and parts, and in EV production systems and engineering. By working together, Tesla will benefit from Toyota’s manufacturing expertise, while Toyota aims to learn from Tesla’s EV technology capabilities, and its responsive and flexible approach to business and decision making.
RAV4 EV is a further example of Toyota’s efforts to reduce the use of fossil fuels and cut CO2 emissions by developing more efficient and alternative powertrain technologies. It has led the industry in the development of hybrid petrol-electric systems, as deployed in Prius, Auris hybrid and other models in markets worldwide. It has sound experience in the field of electric vehicles, having sold around 1,900 first-generation RAV4 EV models between 1996 and 2003 – the first vehicle in the world to be powered by a nickel-metal hydride battery.
Toyota will announce specifications and further details of the new RAV4 EV Concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 17.