The low-down on breakdowns for modified cars

OWNERS of modified cars take more pride in their machines than most owners, but even they can suffer the embarassment of a breakdown.
As if breaking down in your pride and joy isn’t bad enough, the chances are you’ll have trouble getting help from the roadside rescue services, because most of them won’t offer you a full package.
Adrian Flux Insurance,however, does offer its breakdown cover for modified cars, with all the services you get for a standard car, including roadside assistance, relay, homestart and European cover.
“Most of the standard roadside rescue services don’t like modified cars,” says Flux’s Gerry Bucke.  “For example, they hate lowered suspension – it complicates matters if the car needs towing or loading onto a breakdown truck.”
Flux insures more modified cars than any other UK specialist, so it’s no surprise the company is willing to push the boat out for modsters.
“Flux Breakdown is an optional extra, we offer it as a package with car insurance,” explains Bucke.  “It’s a lot cheaper than standard roadside assistance, especially when you consider the extras that we bundle in.”
And if the broken-down modified car has lowered suspension?  “No worries, our roadside rescue guys have special low-loaders that can pick up anything, however modded up,” says Bucke.
Adrian Flux has a huge range of policies for the motoring enthusiast.
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