The legend of the GT-R continues

The 2012 Nissan GT-R

More power, better fuel consumption and more fun!

THE legend which is Nissan’s GT-R continues with a new model.
The 2012 GT-R hits the Japanese market later this month and European showrooms early next year.
It will offer more power (up to 550PS) while delivering improved fuel consumption and delivering lower CO2 emissions.
Biggest design changes are made to the engine, the chassis and the transmission, all of which add to the GT-R driving experience.
As well as the increase in power, the new model has a new suspension system which allows for the greater weight on the driver’s side in right hand drive models and gives much better handling.
Improving the GT-R’s engine efficiency has raised economy to 24mpg (from 23.5mpg) and lifted power output by 20PS to 550PS. Increased torque delivers this power across a better band, too.
In the cabin, the instrument layout has been enhanced by blue lighting. A rear view camera is now fitted as standard and the Bose sound system has been upgraded.
And more news for UK and Japanese buyers is Nissan’s announcement that a track-focused version will be coming, with details being released in December.