Smooth, sleek, sensuous, stylish Seat!

Seat hopes to heighten emotions with the IBL

SEAT has further developed its design concept DNA with the new IBL concept car.
The Spanish carmaker’s design style has been extended to a sports saloon with a simple, minimalist skin coupled with a quality interior.
The IBL completes SEAT’s series of concept cars that define the genetic design pool for the ongoing development of the marque. 
Following on from the IBE and IBX concepts, the IBL turns its attention to reinterpreting the sports saloon and its flowing roofline almost puts it in the four-door coupé category.
Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, the new head of SEAT Design, explained: “IBL is all about emotion.  Love at first sight.  But this first impression is something that is meant to last thanks to its timeless, elegant, design.”
The SEAT IBL is a crossover in the very best sense of the word — it combines the elegance, spaciousness and utility of a saloon with the muscular look and sleek shape of a powerful sports coupé.