Smart stick it to you!

Now you can add plenty of colour and verve to your smart car thanks to the new stickers.

SMART fortwo enthusiasts can now put the power into flower power, fly the flag for the iconic brand and even give their car wings with the new smart art stickers.

The new adhesive foil stickers comprise six striking motifs that enable owners to customise their car with designs that include a classic black, white and blue racing pattern along with variations on flowers, skylines and even birds’ wings and stars.

Designed by acclaimed German artist Timo Wuerz in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH, the stickers are applied to the tridion safety cell to provide an attractive contrast to the other body panels. When correctly affixed the stickers last for approximately five years but they can also be removed at any time without leaving any traces.

The stickers are available from all Smart retailers and are priced at £182 (inc VAT). The retailer can apply the stickers on request and fitting takes approximately one hour.

Owners can also personalise their car’s interior with the new range of Brabus interior contrast components. Featuring a carbon-fibre look, the eight-piece set comprises trims and covers for the dashboard instruments, steering-column stalk, instrument cluster, door handles and centre console. The package costs £256 (including VAT) and can be ordered and fitted at any official smart retailer.

Completing the new additions to the stylish range of BRABUS accessories is the new BRABUS LED daytime driving lights. These can be retrofitted and not only look good, but enhance safety too. These advanced lights can be combined with all standard main headlights and smart owners can choose between two versions in chrome or black, both of which are priced at £486 (including VAT). The impressive lighting technology can be retrofitted at the back too, the BRABUS third LED brake light now being available for £178 (including VAT) and incorporated into the integrated rear spoiler.

Dermot Kelly, the managing director of Mercedes-Benz Cars in the UK said: “Smart owners love to personalise their cars and these accessories mean that they can make their smart ownership experience even more unique.

“Like the Smart, these new stickers and Brabus accessories are innovative in their design and made to a very high standard. What’s more, all are completely reversible too, meaning that owners can easily change their car back to standard specification should their tastes change, or if they are upgrading to another Smart and wish to sell their existing model.”