Revenge is a dish best served…

Research has put Wales firmly at the top of the vengeful chart.

ANYONE thinking of following in the footsteps of Tiger Woods and John Terry should beware, as a new survey has revealed that more than half (59%) of cheated spouses in the UK will take revenge – and it’s the car that bears the brunt.

The poll commissioned by Autoglass®, the leading automotive service brand, questioned more than 3,000 men and women and found when it comes to getting even, women are more likely than men to take action, with one in 10 taking it out on their prized car just like Tiger’s wife, Swedish model Elin.

Interestingly age also makes a big difference to dishing up just deserts – 22-25 year olds will smash the windscreen to get even, 19-21year-olds will damage the paintwork first, while 31-35 year olds are the most like to sell the vehicle on eBay for a few pence to get revenge.

The over 50s adopt a more stealthy approach instead, being the most likely to give their partner the silent treatment, while hitting the credit cards and bank account as hard as possible.

The new research has put Wales firmly at the top of the vengeful chart, revealing as many as seven out of ten (67%) wouldn’t be able resist getting even – and almost a third of these would go for the car first.

Those living in Wales (19%) and the West Midlands (15%) are more likely to take revenge on their partner’s car than anywhere else in the UK:

1. Wales
2. West Midlands
3. East Midlands
4. Yorkshire
5. Scotland
6. N Ireland
7. London
8. North West
9. North East
10. South West

If you don’t want to feel the wrath of retribution, the new research shows the most placid people and the least likely to take action are those living in East Anglia.

The Scottish are the most likely to physically attack their partner to get even while the Welsh take the top slot when it comes to cash, with 18 per cent of those questioned admitting they would take their partner’s money compared to the 11 per cent average.

Other top ways of getting even include attacking clothes, revealing deepest, darkest secrets to parents, putting laxatives in food and taking credit cards on a huge shopping spree.

Nigel Doggett, managing director of Autoglass®, says: “Our research clearly shows that in the UK most people won’t turn the other cheek when it comes to infidelity and as the car seems to be one of the prime targets for getting even, this poll should serve as a warning to anyone thinking of straying.”

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