Not long to wait for the real thing

Subaru BRZ concept car

Although the Los Angeles car will be a concept, the BRZ will roll off the lines next spring.

THE exciting Subaru BRZ concept car is to make its world premiere at this month’s Los Angeles Auto Show.
Although only a concept, the design gives a taste of the much-anticipated Subaru BRZ which will be making its full debut in production mode at December’s Tokyo Motor Show.
The BRZ will be based on the Japanese carmaker’s well-proven technologies, but will boast a brand new two-litre Boxer engine which Subaru has engineered with the BRZ in mind. The engine will feature the most up-to-date injection technology which should give greatly improved combustion efficiency.
Subaru has designed and built the chassis with the front engine/rear wheel drive configuration centre stage, which will allow the engine to be positioned low and to the rear, giving the best possible centre of gravity and thereby making the most of its handling.
The compact coupe is being developed in an ongoing project between Subaru and Toyota Motor Corporation. All the cars which result from the collaboration will be manufactured at the Gunma Plant of Subaru when the first production models roll on the lines next spring.
The Los Angeles Auto Show takes place between November 18 and 27.