New Merc is SL-inkier than ever!

2012 Mercedes-Benz SL

Don’t you just want one? You know you do!

IT’S sporty and its light(ish) and it’s a design classic. And in 2012 the Mercedes-Benz SL is back and better than ever.
Lighter than the current model, the new SL has been hewn almost completely from aluminium and its rigid bodyshell expresses itself with greater agility and sportier handling, without sacrificing the famed comfort.
And the power plants will be the new BlueDIRECT engines which offer more power and yet deliver up to 29 per cent better fuel consumption.
Packed with more comfort that the suite in most people’s homes, the SL isn’t an uncompromising sports-oriented dragster… this is a car which can be enjoyed every day of the year, even for the daily commute.
As Dr Dieter Zetsche, chairman of Daimler AG and head of Mercedes-Benz Cars so succinctly phrases it: “There are around 900 million cars in the world and thousands of models. But there are only a handful of automotive icons. Our SL is one of them: it has class, it has style, it is the ultimate in comfort and luxury. But it combines all that with incredible sportiness and dynamism. You would struggle to find a car that embodies Gottlieb Daimler’s aspiration more perfectly than our new SL: the best or nothing.”
The luxury carmaker has built the new SL with incredible attention to detail, especially in the use of lightweight materials. They have even used super-light magnesium for the cover behind the tank.
The new power plants power the SL effortlessly to make the most of the car’s handling. The SL 350 hits 62mph in 5.9 seconds, while the SL 500, with its 4.6-litre engine, hits the same mark in just 4.6 seconds. And both returned improved fuel consumption figures, up 30 and 22 per cent respectively.
The latest SL has a vario-roof which folds into the boot in seconds and comes in three styles – painted, glass roof or panoramic vario-roof with Magic Sky Control. The transparent roof switches from light to dark at the push of a button.
As you would expect from an SL the car is full of goodies and styling touches, too many to mention here!
UK Specifications and pricing are to be confirmed.  The SL-Class goes on sale in Britain next July.