Motor show for top London street

Cars from the past, present and future will be on display.

ONE of London’s busiest streets will be a bit quieter soon.
Regent Street will be free of traffic when more than 300 cars, highlighting motoring achievements over the years, will be starring in the first Regent Street Motor Show. The event, on Saturday, November 5, will be free.
The show is a collaboration between the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) and the Regent Street Association and will take place between Piccadilly Circus and Conduit Street. It is hoped that the cars will attract 250,000 visitors.
One of the show’s highlights will be a Concours d’Elegance showcasing around 100 veteran cars of the 19th century, with drivers and passengers wearing period costume. Some of the vehicles will be setting off the following day on the famous London to Brighton Veteran Car run.
But it’s not just the cars which kicked off motoring which will feature. Energy efficient cars will be arriving from Brighton, having taken part in the Brighton to London RAC Future Car Challenge.
And two of the UK’s most famous and iconic cars — the Jaguar E-type and Mini Cooper — will have around 50 examples each on show, befitting their golden anniversaries.
So the thousands of people doing early Christmas shopping will have a colourful distraction.
The chairman of the RAC’s Motoring Committee, Ben Cousins, said: “We are delighted to extend our relationship with the Regent Street Association to present the Regent Street Motor Show, which promises to deliver a truly remarkable spectacle of pioneering motoring through the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries. The show will provide the opportunity to view Veteran cars from the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, in the display of the International Concours, and the new, low-energy cars of the future from the Brighton to London RAC Future Car Challenge. Whilst spectators can also enjoy displays, stage shows, award presentations and passenger rides, making the Regent Street Motor Show, a great free-to-spectate family day out.”