Lincoln gets charging point after Top Gear shocker

LINCOLN is to get its first public electric vehicle charging point after the BBC’s Top Gear team visited the city and couldn’t find anywhere to recharge their cars.
Nissan, who build one of the cars featured in the programme, the all-electric Leaf, have promised to foot the bill.

A Nissan Leaf gets a recharge at a PodPoint charging station.

In Sunday’s episode, Jeremy Clarkson and James May drove the Leaf and an electric Peugeot into the centre of Lincoln in an attempt to find somewhere to charge their cars, ending up at the University in the centre of the city, dangling cables through an open window.
In future, were the Top Gear team to visit Lincoln again, they would find a PodPoint charging unit dedicated to them. With two sockets, it would allow Jeremy and James to recharge their batteries at the same time.
It will be free to charge electric vehicle at the new facility.
The PodPoint charging unit is due to be installed before the end of the month and the presenters will be invited to return to Lincoln and be the first to plug in to the new charger.
Top Gear Executive Producer Andy Wilman said: “This is excellent news for the electric car community of Lincoln. If the charging point had existed when Top Gear were there, James wouldn’t now be walking around with Jeremy’s name tattooed on his bottom. Still, better late than never.”