Legendary Allard J2X to live again

The famous Canadian marque will soon be seen on Europe’s roads again.


Allard name will once again be seen on European roads, with the announcement that the Canadian-built Allard J2X MK II will be distributed across the continent by UK-based Premium Classic Cars Ltd.
The original Allard J2X was a limited production road racing car which totalled only 83 cars during its original production run between 1951 and 1954. The combination of powerful American V8 power and a lightweight chassis created a formidable machine that was put to good work in the hands of drivers such as Masten Gregory, Carroll Shelby and movie star, Steve Mc Queen.
Now, the Allard Motor Works has revived this legendary machine with the launch of the J2X MK II; a bespoke, modern, handcrafted version of the famed British competition roadster which integrates modern build quality and safety technology into the iconic design. Comfort, reliability and blistering performance are assured via a comprehensive mechanical specification which includes a 350 bhp, fuel injected, GM Ram Jet V8 with over 400 lb ft of torque.
Premium Classic Cars Director, Phil Dunmore says: “The Allard J2X MK II is an outstandingly good, high-quality, high-performance low-volume sports car, and its appeal will be obvious to anyone who sees or drives one. It is true to the original design but offers far greater levels of comfort, reliability and refinement. This is a bespoke, modern performance car with its roots in a glorious past and that’s a recipe that will appeal to a lot of discerning European enthusiasts.”
In fact, so accurate is the attention to detail and the quality of manufacturing that the official Allard Registry grants official numbering to these MK11 cars. Full specifications will be announced shortly and pricing is expected to be from £95,000.