Get a new handle on SEAT’s — Mii or two!

Mii five-door
SEAT’s compact city door can now be ordered with five doors.

SEAT’S Mii city car is growing — it’s sprouting two doors and now has a five-door version.
Adding the extra rear doors gives more versatility to the compact little car. The rear doors boast a wide opening angle and thus make for straightforward access to the rear bench.  Small children can be fastened into their child seats with ease, shopping bags can be simply stowed behind the front seats and, with their compact dimensions, the rear doors also enable easy entry and exit even in tight parking spaces.
The Mii feels spacious thanks to its optional panoramic sunroof.  The large glass roof extends back most of the length of the roof to deliver a panoramic view for all four occupants. To prevent interior temperatures from becoming uncomfortably warm on sunny days, there is a sliding roof blind. The roof has a tilt and slide function.
Whether you opt for the new five-door or stick with the three-door, SEAT has combined driving pleasure with economy. Emissions and fuel consumption are both low thanks to its light weight and efficient drivetrain. The Mii Ecomotive particularly excels.
Stop/start technology and brake energy recovery help the Ecomotive achieve around 89mpg with CO2 emissions of 96g/km for the 60PS version and 67mpg and 98g/km for the 75PS engine.

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