Fun-Vii is picture of versatility

Toyota Fun-Vii

The futuristic looks of the Fun-Vii.

 YOU know what it’s like… you’re getting a bit fed up with the look of your current motor and are thinking about a change.
If you like changing cars regularly, it can be very costly, so Toyota’s latest concept car could be just the thing for you.
As easily as you currently download an app for your phone or upload pictures to your favourite social media site, you can change the look of your car instead of changing your car.
In a good mood? Your car will reflect it. In a bad mood? Your car will show that too. Road rage could be a thing of the past… people will know how you feel about their driving!


The Fun-Vii is a bit of a chameleon!

Toyota’s Fun-Vii is just one of the concept cars which Toyota is showing at this week’s Tokyo Motor Show under the banner Fun To Drive, Again, which the Japanese car maker first used in domestic adverts from 1984 to 1987.
The ultimate in personalisation, the Fun-Vii can alter the interior and exterior look with ease. The whole body of the car can be used as a display space, with colour and content changeable at will.
In the cabin, it’s the same story as the interior can change to reflect the driver’s mood. Navigation information blends into the design by using augmented reality and the car’s “navigation concierge” can give driver and passengers information and guidance through a vocal interface.
The software for the vehicle’s drive, control and multimedia systems can be regularly updated via a company network.
And there will be no more need to wave at other cars you pass with people in you know as the car links to road infrastructure and surrounding vehicles, who potential hazards or delays can be displayed by the car and you will be alerted to the presence of nearby friends.
The Tokyo Motor Show begins today (December 1).

The imaging system is like something out of Star Trek!