Free app helps with mileage claims

Company car users can now calculate mileage claims simply.

VAUXHALL has unveiled a new iPhone app to help business drivers.
Roadtrip has been designed to give drivers a quick and easy method of tracking their journeys.
The app is free and has a range of features for tracking business mileage and making mileage claims easier to process. Users can create a library of journeys to save having to enter information each time.
Roadtrip offers more than other smartphone apps by targeting drivers, in particular those who need to work out mileage expense claims.
Although released by Vauxhall, it will also work with any other marque.
The end of a long business day is not always the best time to calculate expenses, so the app simplifies the job by processing mileage rates, journey lengths etc.
Expense reports can be emails if company car users need or want to send them back to their employers or their work computer. All data can be password protected.
“When travelling on a daily basis, recurring expenses can cause frustration for employees,” said Steve Catlin, Vauxhall’s fleet marketing Mmnager. “The RoadTrip app combines navigational tools with smart calculation software to offer an easy-to-use app for any employee on the road.”
RoadTrip can be downloaded from the App store now – look for ‘Vauxhall RoadTrip’.